Wide Brim Red Hat

Wide Brim Red HatWide Brim Red HatWide Brim Red HatWide Brim Red HatWide Brim Red Hat

Wide Brim Red HatWide Brim Red HatWide Brim Red Hat

Hi everyone! I’m not a big fan of hats, but this wide brim red hat I’m just in love with. I love this color, I have many articles of clothing in this color. I kept the rest of my outfit fairly simple and I love the way it looks. This look is put together with a bunch of my favorite basics that I have had for years, with the exception of the hat.

My top is just a basic black crew neck T-shirt.  I think everyone needs one of these in their wardrobe, you can wear them with so much, and their very versatile.  I don’t think you need to spend a bunch of money on simple basic like a T-shirt, I got this one from Target a while back, I wear it a lot, and it’s still as good as new.  My jeans are another article that I have had for a while. I really like the wash of these, you can’t find this color very often. My necklace I got a few years back and I love the uniqueness of it. I had never seen anything like it before, which is why I had to have it when I saw it. It’s not a dainty necklace, but it’s not exactly a statement necklace either. I love that it just adds something to an outfit, it doesn’t distract. It’s one of those necklaces that just adds another element to the outfit without being the center of attention. As for my cute booties, they’re a lovely taupe shade, with little ruffles on the side. And, of course, last but not least, my hat. As I said earlier I’m not a huge fan of hats, I barely own any, but I really like this one.  I love the color. I love the shape. I love the little bow on the side.  Normally when I picture wide brim hats, I picture the beach, but this wide brim red hat is perfect for cooler weather. I think it ties the look together.

I hope everyone is having a lovely week. Try something new this week as I did with my hat. Stay warm!

Love, Cattleya

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