Side French Braid

Side French BraidHi everyone! Today I’m sharing how I do my side french braid. I always get so many compliments when I wear it. It’s so simple and takes me only five minutes. It’s the perfect hairstyle when you don’t want to add any heat to your hair. I like to wear this when I want to look put together when I don’t have the time to actually get put together. I wear this braid all the time.

Side French BraidThe first thing you’re going to do is take about an inch thick section of hair.  I do this all the way along my natural part but you can part it as deep and long as you want.

Side French BraidNext start a dutch braid. If you don’t know what a dutch braid is, it’s just a french braid but instead of bringing pieces to the middle your going to take the middle piece and go out.

Side French Braid

Side French BraidContinue your dutch braid, keeping it close to your hairline. I find the bigger the sections you take the bigger the braid is at the end. If you want your side french braid to look like this then take smaller sections. If you want it bigger more like I’m doing here, take bigger sections.

Side French BraidOnce you run out of hair, finish your braid normally.

Side French BraidBefore you secure with an elastic, go back through and pull apart your braid. This is what gives it that really big look. Pull as much or as little as you would like. To pull it apart, gentle pull the outside of each ‘stitch’ going all the way up.

Side French BraidAnd there you have it! Secure with an elastic and you’re done. I will take two bobby pins and secure them at the nape of my neck to keep my hair in place.

I hope you all enjoyed how I do my side french braid and are having a lovely weekend. If you missed my last post I will have it linked here.

x . Cattleya


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