September Favorites 2016

September Favorites 2016

September Favorites 2016

September Favorites 2016

Hi, everyone! Today I’m sharing with you my September favorites. I can’t believe it’s already October. Time is flying. You know in “technical terms” it’s almost Christmas time ;). This is my favorite time of year!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Ankle Booties are perfect for autumn. These taupe ones have been my go to this season.

The Naked palettes are the only eyeshadows I use. I never feel the need to defer to something else. This month I’ve been really loving the original Naked palette. I’ve loved all the bronze colors with the golds and browns.

I never leave empty-handed when walking into a Sephora. On my most recent trip I picked up this lipstick from NARS called ‘Tolède’. I’ve been really loving it this month. It’s one of those your lips but better colors. I wanted something a little darker but still neutral. It’s perfect for me.

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before or if you haven’t you’re missing out. But coconut oil is seriously the best stuff in the entire world. Some of the ways I use it is: to whiten my teeth, as an eyelash serum, a moisturizer, and a hair mask. These are just some of the hundreds of ways to use coconut oil. I received this serum in my Birchbox a few months ago. I really like it. It’s a multi-use serum. I mainly use it for a face serum. I’ve noticed my skin has been a lot softer since starting to use it.

These last two are a bit random but I had to include them. Soft Sea Salt Caramels, they’re little bites of heaven. They taste so good! From the chocolate, to the caramel, to the tart little bites of salt. They’re perfect little chocolates. Believe it or not they’re from SAM’s club. And finally, my last favorite. I watched the movie The Intern for the first time this month and I fell in love with it. It’s the cutest movie I’ve seen in forever. It’s going up there with some of my all time favorites.

I hope you enjoyed this post and are having are a lovely week. If you missed my last post I will have it linked here.

x. Cattleya

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