Scarves and Braids

Scarves and Braids

Scarves and BraidsScarves and BraidsScarves and BraidsScarves and Braids

Scarves and Braids

Hi everyone. Today’s look is a comfy and cozy one. Scarves and braids are a big go to for me, especially in the colder months. It’s a fun and simple way to spice up your look. Whenever I’m in a pinch for time or when I can’t think of what to wear, I always go for a scarf. I think it instantly adds something to your look and you put together. I love braids, this braid especially because its super simple and takes me five minutes, but it looks like it took me double the time. If you know how to french braid then you could do it, too!

I love my sweater, I got it a while ago and I wear it all the time. It’s the perfect color to add other colors to through accessories. I love to put scarves with this sweater, it just goes well with all of my scarves. My jeans are from Hollister, I love the color and the fit. My scarf is pashmina. I love the rose color, it’s very feminine. Pashmina is my favorite type of scarves, I believe I have them in about 10 different colors, they keep you warm in the winter but also look very fashionable without a coat. My coat I got years back, it’s a nice simple black coat, this is a staple in my closet. My boots are my favorite, if you’ve followed my blog then you will know. I wear them all the time. They’re a simple black riding boot, that is durable, and cute.

If you would like to know how I did my braid let me know in the comments bellow.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend and keeping warm.

Love, Cattleya

  • Sweater: Pink Rose, old (similar style)
  • Jeans: Hollister
  • Scarf: Local Boutique (same one)
  • Coat: Kohl’s, old (similar style)
  • Boots: Target

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