My Road Trip Essentials

road trip essentials

road trip essentials

I’m leaving for vacation soon with my family, so I thought it would be the perfect time to share with you all my road trip essentials. I love road trips, there’s I feel like you get to experience the area around you more than if you fly (don’t get me wrong, I love flying too) and you have all that anticipation to get to your destination. I’ve gone on quite a few road trips in my life, from 12 plus hour trips where my half my body goes numb to the 2 hour ones that are just enough to enjoy the ride, I have done them all. Through all those trips I have gathered some things that I couldn’t imagine not having with me. So here are a few of my road trip essentials.

 TripAdvisor. I always make sure I have this app downloaded when I go on road trips. I have had my share of crappy hotel stays and just okay food. This app saves you from those unpleasant experiences. I always check the app before checking into any hotel, you can also sometimes get discounts on your stay. I’ve also found some amazing restaurants from this app.

  If your going to be in the car for hours, you might as well catch up on your reading. I find a long road trip the perfect time to catch up on a novel I’ve wanted to read. I rarely find time to read at home but I love reading on long rides when there is nothing to do. I’m going to be bringing John Green’s “Looking for Alaska” on my upcoming trip, I know I’m kinda late to that party but I’m excited to read it.

I always like to bring a warm fuzzy blanket to keep me warm and comfortable in the car. Road trips are one of the few times that I will sleep during the day and I love having a blanket when I nap. The other thing I like to bring is a hoodie. I always get cold in the car and a hoodie is the perfect thing to keep me warm when the blanket gets too warm.

I don’t know about you but I don’t like wearing a ton of makeup on long road trips, however I like to wear a bit as to not look like a complete zombie on pit stops. I like to bring a good waterproof mascara to keep from smudging, a bit of concealer for under my eyes, and a lip balm to keep my lips hydrated.

I feel like some people don’t think about drinking water as they’re trying to keep from multiple pit stops along the way. But I always try to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and avoid the sluggish feeling of being in a car for hours at a time. One of my favorites is Voss water, there’s something about a cool glass bottle that makes the water taste better haha.  Also, I love to bring my favorite snacks on road trips. Some chips and something sweet always hits the spot on car rides.

Another one of my road trip essentials is a journal. Whether you are on your way over and want to write down your thoughts, or you’re on your way back and want to write down some memories. I think a journal is great to be able to look back and remember your trip.

Then I feel like you have the obvious things like a good pair of headphones, your phone, and your laptop. I don’t think I could live without those things on a daily basis.

I hope you all enjoyed my road trip essentials and found it helpful. I hope you enjoy your destination as well as the trip there. How pretty is that sky in those pictures? I took those last year on a quick trip to St. Augustine. I’m in love with them. What are you currently reading? Leave it in the comments below.

x. Cattleya

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    1. I stayed at this really horrible hotel one time because it was super late and we just wanted to sleep. I vowed to never do that again. I luckily don’t get sick in the car, other people in my family didn’t get my luck though haha. Thanks for reading!

  1. I hope you had a fantastic trip! This was such a helpful post. I’m going to my sister’s wedding next week. It’s a 4 hour drive & not an area we know, so it definitely falls into the road trip category! I hadn’t thought of taking a hoodie, but it will be really useful both in the car & for the evenings when the temperature drops. I need to make sure we have lots of water & snacks in the car for the journey too! I’ve started packing, so am going to go & add those things to a bag for the car now! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

  2. Just came back from a trip and I forgot my headphones, total nightmare! Haha luckily it was a short journey but I can’t live without music, had other essentials though (blanket and water!)

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