My 5 Favorite Lipsticks

My 5 Favorite LipsticksHi everyone! Today I’m sharing my favorite lipsticks. Technically two of them aren’t lip sticks but I feel they’re close enough to include in this post. When it comes to lipsticks I don’t think I’m very adventurous. I like my neutrals, pinks, and berry colors. I’m very fair so I always find it hard to get a shade that doesn’t overpower me. Lip stains are some of my favorite things to wear. You can throw it on and go without having to worry about reapplying it every hour. It’s fun how applying different shades changes your look completely.

Mac Creme Cup – Mac lipsticks are some of my favorites. This is a light pink color. Light pinks are my favorite for day-to-day use.

Mac Angel – I think this is my favorite lipstick. It’s the perfect color for everyday use. This is another light pink color. However it’s darker than crème cup. I find this is one of those ‘your lips but better’ shades.

NARS Tolede – This is my most recent lipstick buy. I love the rose shade. It’s between a red/berry lip and a nude color. I think this is the perfect color for the holiday season.

Revelon Colorburst Honey – I love this lipstain. This is one of those that I throw on and forget about. It’s a bit darker than my natural lip color. I like to wear this when I want something a bit more noticeable.

Mirenesse Perfect Kiss – This is the boldest color in the lot. It’s a pinky red. I like this color when I want a red lip. Like I mentioned before I’m very fair so I normally can’t wear a straight up red color. This one is perfect for me.

I hope you enjoyed my favorite lipsticks. If you missed my last blog post I will have it linked here. I hope you have a great week!

x. Cattleya

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