Girly Utility Jacket

Girly Utility JacketGirly Utility JacketGirly Utility JacketGirly Utility JacketGirly Utility JacketGirly Utility Jacket

Hi everyone! I am really loving today’s look. Most of the time when you see a utility jacket it’s an army green color, but today mine is a bit more of a girly utility jacket. I love the light pink, I think it adds a feminine touch to what is normally otherwise a more masculine type jacket.

To add to my outfit I paired my utility jacket with this black floral skirt. I have had this skirt for years, I love the A-line style, I think it is a really flattering style for a lot of people. The belt came with the skirt and I love the little gems on it, I think it adds to the girly look that I’m going for. I wanted to go for a light and airy look so I added a basic white tank top.

For jewelry and accessories, I added my Pandora charm bracelet and ring. I love Pandora charm bracelets I think they can be really special, and everyone’s is so unique and personal. My ring is also from Pandora, its super cute. The necklace I got for my birthday a few years back and I wear it all the time. My ballet flats, they’re a beige with gold flecks, and a cute little abstract pendant on top.

I really love girly looks. I am a very girly girl so this is right up my alley. I really like the light and airy looks. Just in case you missed my last post I will have a link here. It’s more of a laid back, comfy look, I talk about my favorite scarves and braids. I hope that you are all having a wonderful week and that you are staying warm.

Love, Cattleya

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