My Favorite Spring Essie Nail Polishes

Hi, everyone! I wanted to share my favorite spring Essie nail polishes with you. I love changing my nail color up to go along with the seasons. It’s quite cliché but pastels in the springtime are just the best. If you have followed my blog for a while, you will know that Essie is my favorite nail polish brand. I don’t think it can get better with all the amazing colors and the formula.

Lilacism” – Obviously from the name this is a gorgeous lilac color. It’s not an in-your-face purple tone. I think it’s the most neutral a purple can get. This is the most ‘springtime’ color for me.

Mint Candy Apple” – I love this color! It’s one of my favorite Essie polishes that I own. This minty color is so pretty. I wear this color all year around but I especially favor it in the spring/summer months.

Bikini So Teeny” – I would say this is the brightest color out of my favorite spring Essie nail polishes. It’s the perfect transition shade from spring to summer. The baby blue is just perfect and has tiny flecks of shimmer in it.

Fiji” – This is one of my perfect pink shades. Light pink is my favorite color. I wear this polish all year around. It’s a little more vibrant than a baby pink. Great for spring!

Adore-A-Ball” – This is a very light pink almost cream shade. I love these almost skin tone shades. They’re gorgeous. It’s perfect when you want polish on your nails but you want to keep it neutral. It’s a nice change of pace between all of those colorful polishes.

I hope you all enjoyed my favorite spring Essie nail polishes. Check out my last blog post, if you haven’t yet. Follow me on my social medias, I love connecting with you all! Have a great week!

x. Cattleya

What’s your favorite spring nail polish? Leave it in a comment down below.

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