Casual Autumn

Autumn Casual

Autumn Casual

Autumn CasualAutumn Casual


Autumn Casual


Hi everyone! Today I’m wearing an outfit I would call casual autumn. This is a look that I would wear if I were going to be spending time with friends, run errands, or any other laid back type activity.

I love sweaters in the autumn time, they make me feel all warm and cozy as the temperature begins to drop. This is one of my go to sweater cardigans, because it’s neutral, it goes with practically anything. I’ve paired my sweater with a black lace camisole to add another layer of texture, rather than just a plain cotton one. I added a long gold necklace and dark red knee socks to warm up the look of the outfit. Gold and red are some of the colors that just scream autumn to me. As for my boots, you have probably seen them before in previous posts, they are my favorite and I wear them with everything. Riding boots are another thing that just say autumn to me. I wear these far into winter and even into spring but I suppose it’s because autumn is the first time I break them back out.

I hope everyone is having a lovely week. Thanks for reading!

Xx. Cattleya

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