2016 Blog Post Round-up

Hi, everyone! I can’t believe it’s already 2017! Today I wanted to go back and do a 2016 blog post round-up. I want to share some of my favorite blog posts I did this year. Looking back I think my blogging style has changed a bit as well as the quality of the blog posts. This was super fun to do. I put them in order of when I posted them. If you would like to read any of the original posts I will have them all linked in pink.

Pretty in Lace

This is one of the first blog posts I did in 2016. I love the gorgeous lace crop top. I’m still in love with this post.

Wide Brim Red Hat


I had a thing for hats this year as you will see in later posts. I loved this post. I like the simplicity of the shirt with this beautiful red hat. The snow didn’t hurt the pictures either.

Braids on Braids

I love how this hairstyle turned out! I’ve actually gone back to this blog post a few times for reference when doing this.

Black and White Tribal Print Shorts

This outfit turned out so cute! I’ll definitely be wearing it again when the weather warms up.

Light and Airy Tank Top

I kind of felt like a hippie wearing this with the glasses. I’m still so in love with this look though.

Hats and Crochet Tops

This was a really fun day. I enjoyed writing this blog post. Also, this hat was just so cute!

South Carolina 2016

This could be one of my most favorite blog posts I’ve written to date. It’s quite lengthy but I’m in love with it. The pictures are gorgeous. I love looking back and reminiscing.


Everything about this post I’m in love with. The dress. The city. I’m still so in love with it.

A Red Dress and A Floppy Hat

I had picked up this dress on that trip to Charleston that you saw above. I love the color and style of it. The hat goes with the look perfectly.

A Weekend Getaway

This was another fun trip that I had the opportunity to go on this year. I’m not sure why but travel/trip posts are my favorites to write.

Collaborating with The Daily Delicacy

This year I had the opportunity to make some new friends via the blogging community. One of which was Hannah from ‘The Daily Delicacy‘. I loved doing this post with her!

An Autumn Outfit

And finally we have an autumn outfit. I wore this look when I went on that weekend getaway and absolutely loved it.

I hope you all enjoyed my 2016 blog post round-up. If you missed my last post I will have it linked here.

x. Cattleya

What was your favorite blog post that you have read/written in 2016? Leave it in the comments down below.


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